Transforming the disused railway between Camden Town and King’s Cross into a new green artery for London.
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Explore the route

The Camden Highline is 1.2km long has four proposed entrance/exits and would link Camden Town to King’s Cross by a 10-minute walk.



Our mission is to transform the disused railway into a sustainable green space and transport link that is open for and used by everyone.

We’re improving rather than replacing. 

Where others may see dead space, we see limitless potential.

Rather than tearing down a structure to rebuild something completely new, we’re taking an existing space and reimagining what it means for Camden.

The project that’s taking a green space to the next level.

A new green artery for London.


Latest news

We’ve completed feasibility work and are working towards running the design competition.



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"This innovative project has the potential to become a real asset for Camden and is a great example of a local community taking an idea and garnering support in order to make it a reality. I look forward to seeing it develop." 

— Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London

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Walking tours

Come and meet the team and hear the latest progress!


"Regenerating this disused industrial thoroughfare will bring the communities of Holborn and St Pancras closer together, not to mention some much needed green space and fresh air. This is a fantastic vision, and I look forward to seeing it become a reality."

— Keir Starmer, MP for Holborn & St Pancras


Education Programme

We want the Highline to become a beacon for what positive and sustainable development of the city can look like, for others to be inspired from, learn from and benefit from.

We’re working with STEAM schools, community groups and professionals across Camden to give Camden’s Young People the skills and opportunities to play a full part in the borough’s thriving creative, digital and scientific economy in the future.

If you’re a school, community group, funder, or built environment professional and interested in partner opportunities please get in touch.


Pocket Park

We have been awarded funding from MHCLG to make improvements to Camden Gardens park, which is located beneath the western end of the Highline route.

Our plans include new planters, seating and wayfinding for the public to enjoy, and will support our walking tours, education and volunteering activities in the park.


“When I look up and see this structure, I see the bones of a great new space.”

— John Alschuler, Emeritus Chair, New York High Line


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If you want to volunteer your time and skills to the project then send us an email!


"The Camden Highline is a really exciting proposal which is capturing the public imagination and would contribute to the Council's ambition to improve links between Camden Town, Camley Street and King's Cross. The Council is ready to work with those behind the project as it moves forward."

— Councillor Georgia Gould, Leader of Camden Council


– Friends of the Camden Highline –


The project is being made possible by the following funders, Abigail Morris, Achilleas Delenda, Adam Richards, Ahilan Sivaranjan, Ajanthan Arul, Akos Nemeth, Alan Hovell, Alan Markham, Alasdair McGowan, Alejandra Plaza, Alex Billington, Alex Kann, Alex Moro, Alex Munro, Alex O'Neill, Alex Proud, Alex Shapland-Howes, Alex Smith, Alex Somervell, Alexander Appelbe, Alexander Bishop, Alexander Wilson, Alexandra Haylett, Alexandra Noble, Alfred Chubb, Ali Moshref, Alina Congreve, Alina Kleymenova, Allan Sutherland, Alyson Hall Yandoli, Amanda Delew, Amanda Steatham, Amy Dron, Ana Lisboa, Ana Perez, Andrea Wadhams, Andrew Bruce, Andrew Eland, Andrew Garland, Andrew McLean, Andrew Stewart, Angur Nahar, Anita Whittle, Anna Barker, Annabel Bird, Annabel Staff, Anneke Elwes, Anne Seymour, Annika Micheli, Anthony Felgate, Anthony Richardson, Antje Saunders, Antonia Lee-Bapty, Arabella Pack, Architecture 00, Arlene Main, Arran Scott Lidgett, Ashley Wilson, Ashok Parekh, Asif Khan, Barbara Grant, 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